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Learn & Launch - Training

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Learn & Launch - Training Consider your field Redefining Jesus to a world who don’t know who He is God hardened, Godless and God confused Language to avoid “language landmines” and religious arguments Dreams and interpretation Identity recovery – helping people discover themselves and their purpose Using the menu board to create effective outreaches “Word art” – or “true reflections” using a mirror to create God given image to people overcoming brokenness and self hate God’s heart for those who are away from Him How to communicate with the LGBTQ communities and gender confused Counter/”woke” cultures - How to create outreach teams in new age/pagan arenas Healing and miracles The Holy Spirit created atmosphere or “portal” God given authority and how He wants us to use it and be aware of it Intercessors and prayer cover Deliverance and transformation Activation and impartation – class exercises Our team will come to you for this training. Air and accommodations must be covered by the host. To host a Doing The Stuff Training, you will need to have at least 50 people in your area and a venue in place. $55/person and $63 with catered. We will work out specific details with you as we plan your training. If you are interested in hosting visit us at

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